Everything in your shop is sold, how can I purchase a spoon? I do occasional shop updates with any spoons I've been working on, about once a month. I announce it well beforehand on instagram. Things usually sell very quickly which is why my shop appears perpetually sold out.

How do I order something?
I do not accept custom orders or requests. My work is only available through my website with occasional shop updates, announced on instagram.

Do you do wholesale?
Sorry but no, all my work takes a great deal of time, so I only sell directly through my online shop.

May I post about your work on my blog or website?
Yes! Go ahead. Just make sure you link and give credit for any and all photos where credit is due.

Where did you learn to work with wood? (A short history)
I attended Pratt institute in Brooklyn and majored in sculpture. When I graduated, I worked for a few artists and began piecing together basic furniture to use in my own home, using mostly hand tools. Everything I made was constructed from trial and error, figuring it out on my own. In 2011 I had the opportunity to design and build the restaurant il vecchio in California, which took me seven months of intense, hands-on labor and construction. The restaurant build-out started with a ten day, cross country road trip in a sixteen foot U-haul, collecting materials along the way. It was in CA that I first began to use patterns to construct table tops, building over thirty tables with different intricate designs. When I returned to Brooklyn I continued building tables in my home, five feet away from my couch in a small and confined area of my apartment. In 2012, I began getting commissions, and decided it was time to finally rent a studio. I worked in my Brooklyn studio for 3 years, and then rented a huge warehouse space in Queens where I now use approx 900 sq ft of it as my own working space.

I'd like to work for you, do you need interns / apprentices / assistants?
Thank you! But I prefer to work alone and handle every aspect of my practice myself.

I sent you an email and you never got back to me / it's been three weeks. Why?
My sincerest apologies. I receive a lot of emails and certainly do my best to respond, however that usually does not happen -- it's just me working in the shop as well as on the business end of everything. Most of the time my responses may take up to a month or longer. Patience is wonderfully, insanely appreciated!